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fac·ture [fak-cher]  - noun

1. the act, process, or manner of making anything; construction.

2. the thing made.

Facture began while watching terrible reality television during a midwestern winter storm. 

My name is Aron Fischer, creator of Facture.  I am a fourth generation maker, tinkerer, woodworker and artist.  I grew up watching my family turn spindles on a rickety homemade lathe in our barn, eating deliciously rustic homegrown meals, and growing anything and everything you can imagine in the family garden.  These past experiences have fueled my insatiable hunger for functional, well made wares.  

Cotton Tea-Towel


Cotton Tea-Towel


Cotton Tea-Towel


hand dyed cotton tea-towels by Hannah Reeves of B & R Tiny Farm

  • approx 32 x 32"
  • wash with like colors
  • handmade one of a kind
  • Choose Red or Dusty Blue

Hannah Reeves -

Hannah Reeves is a Missouri native, born and raised in Southeast MO on a small homestead not unlike her current place, B&R Tiny Farm. She completed a BFA in 2005 and MFA in Fibers and Sculpture in 2008 at the University of Missouri - Columbia. Transitioning from highly conceptual sculpture to functional wares has been a several-year process, and required shaking off the burden of self-importance and heavy explanation that were essential in graduate school.  As Reeves has come into her own as a "Tiny Farmer," manipulating and caring for the land, raising animals, and using a lot of found wood to build coops and huts and fences, she's come to appreciate her ability to make what she needs. From this realization came the desire and motivation to make items that would be fully useful in the home, and also beautiful and unique. As it turns out, the creation of hand-dyed textiles marries Reeves' joy in making something functional from scratch, and her desire to create art. Her studio is her farmhouse sun-porch, where she makes every item herself in small batches. 


B&R Tiny Farm textiles all start as pre-woven natural cotton, linen, and linen-rayon blends. They are pre-shrunk and hand-dyed using acrylic and fiber-reactive dyes. Like all hand-dyed cloth, these items should be washed the first time with like colors.  Colors will remain true, and these carefully chosen fabrics will hold up to frequent washing and drying - no special care needed. 




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