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fac·ture [fak-cher]  - noun

1. the act, process, or manner of making anything; construction.

2. the thing made.

Facture began while watching terrible reality television during a midwestern winter storm. 

My name is Aron Fischer, creator of Facture.  I am a fourth generation maker, tinkerer, woodworker and artist.  I grew up watching my family turn spindles on a rickety homemade lathe in our barn, eating deliciously rustic homegrown meals, and growing anything and everything you can imagine in the family garden.  These past experiences have fueled my insatiable hunger for functional, well made wares.  


V's Baked Brie

aron fischer

Veronica (@rondicasmith on IG) and I have been friends for many years now. We first met at work (we were doing a store opening together for Anthropologie - early 00’s when the display was still mostly self directed) where we were told to build a 40’ tent out of drop cloths…and pretty much nothing else. I painted the whole thing white like a madman while Veronica sewed each 8’ section together….one after another after another. We bonded over paint fumes and our hate for 30’ ladders. It is one of my favorite memories from that job. Needless to say, we have stayed friends ever since, and now I’ve decided to work with Veronica again in a way that showcases her no nonsense baking talents.

This isn’t going to be a food blog, you won’t see advertisements or sponsored posts here, but you will see a friend of mine using my work in a way that you may also do it in your own home…cause honestly I don’t have the time to do it myself, and hey…shes good at it so WHY NOT!? So having said all that…here is a quick, simple recipe for how Veronica does Baked Brie -

FG Emerald Green Pie Dish & Fluted Edge Plate

FG Emerald Green Pie Dish & Fluted Edge Plate

Baked Brie
(All measurements are ‘ish-I use the top of the brie container and put in a lot of brown sugar then add as many dried figs (I cut of the stem part and slice them), dried tart cherries and hazelnuts as I see hit)
½ cup nuts
½ cup dried fruit I use dried figs and dried tart cherries, apricots would be lovely, other nuts are nice. 
¾ cup packed dark brown sugar
1 standard package Pepperidge Farm frozen puff pastry, thawed
flour for dusting (meh)
1 wheel brie
(1 large egg yolk
2 T heavy cream)* I don’t always do this step 

Various FG Bowls and beautiful backdrop by Erickson Surfaces

Various FG Bowls and beautiful backdrop by Erickson Surfaces

Preheat oven to 400.

In the top of your brie container/bowl if you’re using wedges), combine nuts, fruits and sugar, using your fingertips to thoroughly mix; set aside.


Lightly dust work surface with flour (this step is not always necessary as the puff pastry has a bit of flour on it, which is usually enough to work with) Place the two sheets (one box) of puff pastry on the work surface one on top of the other (they’re folded in thirds, I lay one out side to side, one top to bottom? Does that make sense?). Roll them out together to make one piece that will wrap around the brie and be able to close. (I again, use part of the brie container and guesstimate. I don’t think you can mess this up. As long as it will cover the brie and the sugar mixture, you’re in good shape.)


I usually sit the shell of Brie on top of my lid filled with the sugar mixture and sort of press it down so that the brown sugar sort of makes a mold. Then I place brie in the center with the sugar mixture on top and enclose. (I usually sort of fold and tuck the pastry and then sort of pinch it into rosettes on the top. Again, you can’t mess this up. If you are not feeling artistic, simply pull up the opposite corners of the pastry, bring them over the brie and then do the same with the other two corners and sort of pinch them together. Then fold or tuck the flaps they make around the side of the brie, pinching any openings together so that they seal. You can then cut off some of the extra pastry on top if there is any, and just sort of shape the top nicely. Does this make sense?)


*Combine egg yolk and cream and brush the top. If you cut off any pastry and want to make fancy decorations, use this wash to adhere them to the brie. (I rarely do this step)


Bake brie until golden brown and puffed, about 25/30 minutes. Reduce oven to 350 and bake until dark golden brown, 25 to 30 minutes more. (If you notice the top is getting too brown, place a piece of foil over the top)


This is my modification of the original recipe I got from either Martha Stewart or Ina Garten, who can remember? I don’t think I ever actually measure anything when I make this. I literally take the top from the brie packaging, pour brown sugar (3/4 cup is probably about right maybe it is only about ½ cup?) and then add whatever dried fruit and nuts I have around until it looks like a good mixture.