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fac·ture [fak-cher]  - noun

1. the act, process, or manner of making anything; construction.

2. the thing made.

Facture began while watching terrible reality television during a midwestern winter storm. 

My name is Aron Fischer, creator of Facture.  I am a fourth generation maker, tinkerer, woodworker and artist.  I grew up watching my family turn spindles on a rickety homemade lathe in our barn, eating deliciously rustic homegrown meals, and growing anything and everything you can imagine in the family garden.  These past experiences have fueled my insatiable hunger for functional, well made wares.  

Salt/Spice Spoon


Salt/Spice Spoon


Salt/Spice Spoon


Solid brass salt spoon

  • 1/8 tsp size

  • raw brass

  • hand wash and dry immediately

  • will naturally patina over time

  • brushed/high shine finish

  • Minimum of 25 per order

  • Salt/Spice Spoon - $7.50 Cost/$15 Retail

  • Lead time of 2-4 weeks

Please know that brass is unsealed and will patina over time. Hand wash and dry IMMEDIATELY

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